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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Court is seeking to recruit pro bono attorneys to assist with the urgent and ever-increasing need to provide counsel for indigent litigants in certain pre-screened civil cases.  While the Court has traditionally relied upon a handful of attorneys who have generously answered the Court’s calls for assistance and have provided invaluable service, the need for pro bono counsel  is ever increasing to such an extent that the small circle of dedicated volunteers cannot be expected to continue to shoulder the load.  Accordingly, the Court is making a district wide appeal for pro bono attorneys to represent indigent civil litigants.  In order to facilitate pro bono appointments, the Court will provide reimbursements for limited, pre-approved expenses. Additionally, if desired, pro bono counsel may also enter into fee arrangements with their clients.  By answering the call to serve, attorneys admitted to practice in this district will provide a valuable service to indigent litigants, the Court, and the larger system of justice. 

Current Pro Bono Opportunity

NICHOLAS LAWSON v. C.O.I. JONES,  et. al., 1:17-cv-00403-JB-B

The Court is seeking to recruit counsel to assist Plaintiff Nicholas Lawson in preparation for and appearing at a jury trial, to be set at a future date.  Mr. Lawson is a prisoner at Bullock Correctional Facility.  He alleges that, in August 2017, while incarcerated at Holman Correctional Facility in the segregation unit, he was handcuffed behind his back for twenty-two (22) hours during which time he was unable to eat, sleep, or use the bathroom.  According to Mr. Lawson,  Defendants refused his requests to remove the handcuffs, and, as a result, he suffered permanent nerve damage in his right index finger.  He is asserting claims under the Eighth Amendment against various correctional defendants and is seeking $25,000 in damages.

If you are interested in representing Mr. Lawson in this case, please send an email to