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PageID Feature in CM/ECF (Updated)

Monday, November 25, 2019

Our court has recently updated our electronic filing software to activate the “PageID” feature.  PageID essentially functions like an electronic Bates stamping utility for the District Court record.  It automatically creates a unique page number for every page of each document filed in a case.  PageID numbers are sequenced in the order in which documents are filed, and a given page in a case file will now display the same unique page number each time it is printed or viewed.  The header of PDF documents in the court file now includes the PageID for each page, along with the customary header information (case number, doc. number, filing date, etc.).  You can run a query by PageID from the “Docket Sheet” page of CM/ECF to pull up a particular page in a case file.

Counsel are strongly encouraged to use PageID for pinpoint cites to documents in a case file in filings for the Southern District of Alabama.  The PageID system is far more efficient and precise than the traditional citation methodology (i.e., doc. 47, Exhibit F, at 17 versus Doc. 47, PageID.412) for judges, court staff and counsel alike, but only if users actually utilize it.  Of course, PageID numbers are assigned after a document is filed.  Accordingly, for a brief citing to accompanying exhibits, the recommended protocol would be to file the exhibits first, then fill in the assigned PageID numbers in the brief and file the brief.

To maximize efficiency gains from the PageID feature for all involved, please use the following formats when citing to the District record:

  • A single page: Doc. 10, PageID.51
  • A single page referencing an attachment: Doc. 10-3, PageID.91
  • Multiple sequential pages: Doc. 10, PageID.53-54
  • Multiple pages that are not sequential: Doc. 10, PageID.50, 56, 100
  • To reference a page from a different case than the currently docketed case, preface the citation with the case number: 1:19-cv-99999 PageID.234

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.